Data visualization
Human Synergistics specializes in measuring corporate cultures and as a result it has access to an enormous amount of cultural data. To make this data more useful and relevant, we proposed to visualize the valuable insights in infographics for online marketing.

Human Synergistics still uses a variety of paper research instruments. It would be more user-friendly to transform it into apps. The app is accessible 24/7 and the user can enter data intermittently. It improves the processing speed and the results are immediately visible to the user.

Video & Web
Human Synergistics produces a lot of video material. To keep all these videos on-brand, a leader pack was developed that consistently propagates the brand promise.

The Circumplex measuring instrument is the scientific basis of all Human Synergistics products. The instrument divides human behavior into 12 segments each with its own characteristics. A few years ago, a DVD was launched in which each segment was illuminated … a walled garden, and now obsolete. By making video previews and placing them on various video platforms as well as their own managed landing page, ensures better online marketing.

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