The concepts behind the De Waag logo explained

The story of the new De Waag logo

Coat of arms with crown

A weapon in heraldry is a symbol that is connected to, among other things, a group of people belonging to each other, such as De Waag. On the facade of the building, the shield adorns the old city coat of arms with a crown above it. The new shield with crown symbolizes the link with the past. The shield stands for reliability and security, the crown symbolizes creative mastery and distinctive character. The crown is already present inside the building as part of the weighmasters’ stamps that are still clearly visible in various beams. Symbol history


The scales that are present in both the bistro and restaurant naturally explain the origins of De Waag. The scales contribute to the history and authenticity of the location. In this position it also refers to the upstairs and downstairs but also stands as a symbol of balance between taste and atmosphere. Symbol balance

Coat of arms weapons

The shield is divided into four planes by the scale and filled with the catering “weapons”. These modern weapons symbolize De Waag’s core activity: food and drink. Also a small twisted take on the “&” sign, a knife and fork cross each other instead. Symbol essence

Different but still united

De Waag is the umbrella name that shapes the Restaurant and Pub restaurant. The line marks that distinction. The font is chosen from one family. A sans serif typeface that is elegant and tasteful, fits nicely with the Restaurant the more solid and rustic typeface is better suited for the Pub restaurant below. Symbol choice

Coat of arms use

Because De Waag consists of two business units, each business has its own sub-logo, indicated with either Restaurant or Pub. A distinction has also been made within the shield itself with the interpretation of the weapons;

drinks (1st quadrant),

seasons (2nd quadrant),

food (3rd quadrant), en

events (4th quadrant). 

Symbol distinction

Restaurant arms

Drinks (1st quadrant); distinctive by wine and champagne symbols

Events (4th quadrant); distinctive with private character and festive events.

Eetcafé arms

Drinks (1st quadrant); distinctive by special beer and wine symbols

Events (4th quadrant); distinctive with open character and musical events.


Seasons (2nd quadrant); holidays, special days and season symbols, the same for both departments

Food (3rd quadrant); cutlery symbols, the same for both businesses

These arms are composed on the basis of most likely activities within the business units. The icons can be used flexibly and where necessary combined in communication of the Restaurant or Pub, think of patterns, fragments, overlays etc.

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