Welcome at Pixlbar's cross-media design studio. We want to develop design solutions with you. Design solutions that fit your business needs and specific objectives. Design solutions that connect with your audience.

We like to mix our creativity, inspiration and insight with our knowledge and experience. To deliver results driven cross-media design solutions through various media expressions and communication tools.

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Pixlbar is a small studio but has a close network of cross-media specialists. This approach offers many advantages; it saves costs by reduced overheads and keeps communication personal and efficient.


Where necessary, we can tap our extensive network and quickly add various specialists to our services. It enables us to take on virtually any creative challenge. Clear and transparent.

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Pixlbar is situated in a lovely spot that looks out over the city of Delft ... just the right place to get the creative juices flowing and gain inspiration for your challenging design project.

It is a fresh and light location where we can roll up our sleeves to discuss your project in detail, to clarify it and above all to take concrete steps.

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What can we prepare for you? We would be delighted to help you with clear, striking and especially tasty creations.